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...and Igarka, Hope and Butterfly (Trailer)

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Загружено: Денис . Категория: Видео . Добавлено: 03 Февраль 2014.
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Documentary film by Dzintra Geka, 2008.

The film tells the story of Laima ?ri?a, who was deported to Siberia on June 14, 1941, and her daughter, Na?e?da (Hope), who was born in a concentration camp in Igarka. It is about the little girl's friend Anatolijs Taurenis (Butterfly), who stayed in Igarka after Na?e?da returned to Latvia.

2009: Special price, 11th DETECTIVEFEST Russia: "... and Igarka, Hope and Butterfly"
2009: Non-competitive showing at the 13th Tallinn Black Night Film Festival: "... and Igarka, Hope and Butterfly", Estonia.
2010: Official competition film, CRONOGRAF International Documentary Film Festival, Chishinau, Moldova: "... and Igarka, Hope and Butterfly"

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